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Warrior Nights

Watch Steve’s most recent Warrior Class, which is at 6:00 PM every Thursday evening at 3475 West Elm Suite D, Lima, OH 45807, where he is teaching Men how to be Godly men.

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The Only Victory That Matters is Jesus' Victory Now Walk in it

Steve Doyle

I am Steve Doyle, a Builder & Developer in Lima, Ohio. I grew up in a small community of 8,000 people in the Northwest portion of the state. I graduated and moved to Chicago in the late 60’s to attend Moody Bible Institute. During this time, I had carpentered throughout the Midwest, paying my way through college, learning the carpenter trade & gaining construction skills.

After a year at Moody, I moved on to Miami University in southwest Ohio where I graduated in 1973. It was in August of that year, I ventured out and started my company, Doyle Homes. This brings me to where I am today, 48 years in the New Home building business.